Conflict, Violence, Terrorism, and their Prevention

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Conflict, Violence, Terrorism, and their Prevention

Editor(s): J. Martin Ramirez, Chas Morrison, Arthur J. Kendall

ISBN: 1-4438-5347-X

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars



Conflict, Violence, Terrorism and their Prevention provides an inter-disciplinary and global perspective on aspects of aggression and violence. It explores the individual, group, and international processes and conditions by which violent conflict occurs. It shows the wide range and diffuse nature of contemporary violence and the need to approach it from many disciplines. The book also examines some multi-faceted solutions and responses to conflict. The optimistic conclusion from this work is that there are concrete and specific ways to address conflict and violence. Violence is neither inevitable nor innately determined. These 13 well-researched chapters use a variety of empirical and theoretical approaches drawn from psychology, political science, and anthropology. Its topics include terrorism, education, peace studies, and conflict resolution. Experts from eight countries share their findings and offer a comprehensive overview of violence and responses to it. The book builds on current thinking regarding causal factors, such as inequality, exclusion, lack of opportunity, or grievance. It broadens the conceptualization of the phenomena and links it with tangible measures that reduce conflict and promote peace. This book is an important source for researchers and students of conflict, violence.